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Temat: Converting APPro54G / APPro54G Client to APPro2405
With our latest upgrade, we unified firmware of APPro2405, APPro54G, and APPro 54G Client versions intended for devices with 2MB Flash / 16MB RAM. We encourage all users of APPro 54G and APPro 54G Client to try the latest generation of APPro firmware.

Note: This operation is performed only once and cannot be reverted. Due to massive amount of introduced changes, we cannot guarantee accuracy of configuration conversion process.

You can perform a conversion regardless of used license format (hardware module / license file) or type (client / full license).

Conversion procedure depends on device type, and consists of two stages:

Stage One:

in case of devices:

* AirLive 5470AP;
* D-Link DAP-1160;
* Minitar MNWAPG-2;
* Techniclan WAR-54GS

it is required to re-install software as described on this page. All licensing data will be retained.

in case of devices:

* AirLive 5460AP;
* Edimax EW-7209APg;
* Planet WAP-4035, WRT-414;
* Planex GW-AP54SP;

it is possible to install new firmware via Web interface - exactly the same way as in case of a standard upgrade.
Upgrade procedure:

* download intermediate firmware
* decompress file and upload it to the AP
* after restart AP should be available with new firmware and correct licensing data

Stage Two:

After installing new firmware you should review AP's configuration, correct settings when needed, and at least once save settings by clicking on OK button. After confirming the configuration, you need to download latest version of APPro2405 from download page.

With the conversion completed, further upgrades will use firmware files in a new format - the same for all APPro2405 / APPro54G or APPro54G Client devices. Our firmware is available in two variants: one is based on the latest WLAN driver (standard version), and one based on WLAN driver 1.08 (requested by small group of customers). For optimum operation we recommend version with the latest WLAN driver.

Files with APPro firmware are named in following fashion:



* dd-mm-yyyy - release date
* xxx - number of compilation
* zzz - WLAN driver version

We did our best to preserve configuration compatibility with older versions of APPro54/APPro54G Client, but the massive amount of changes made it impossible to guarantee complete compatibility. For that reason, we recommend installation method that will ensure complete control over the device, and the ability to reset the device or reinstall the firmware using TFTP protocol. Due to possible incompatibilities and a risk of damaging the device with an incorrectly performed conversion, we protected intermediate firmware with a password "approsoftware". If you are commited to install this firmware, by typing the password you confirm that you accept the risk and relieve us from any liability for resulting problems.

In case of trouble:

* reset the device by depressing Reset button for 3 seconds; release Reset button when Status/Power/CPU LED blinks
* upload firmware via TFTP protocol, as described here.

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